Vesta Music



About Us

We are a songwriting, music production and A&R team based in Cardiff Bay, South Wales, UK. We have written and produced charting singles in the UK, Japan, Poland and more, working closely with labels like Virgin, EMI, Sony BMG, Sony/ATV, LAB Records and B-Unique. We've also worked on media projects with the BBC, BBC Switch, Channel 4, Discovery, Virgin, HatTrick Productions and countless others.

The Studio

The studio offers a fully equipped 72 track production studio with top hardware from Neve, Neumann, SPL, Orange, Fender, Mackie, Yamaha etc. Based in Mermaid Quay the studio is surrounded by budget/luxury hotels, restaurants, cinemas and casinos. If you would like advice on where to stay - just ask!



For songwriting, co-writes, production, consultancy and anything else rates please CONTACT US at